LobbyPal Online Visitor Management System Software

LobbyPal is a subscription based online visitor management system software service provided by Aquarius Soft.

It is designed to effectively replaces paper-based visitor forms & records and to be easily learn and use by receptionists.

This user-friendly, convenient and affordable visitor management system software supports the following user roles:

  • Administrator
  • Receptionist
  • Host

An administrator is one who is responsible for configuring and adding users to the system.
A receptionist will sign in/out visitors.
A host will be able to sign into the system and sign out for his/her visitors.

When a visitor visits, he/she will be signed in with the following information:

  • Visitor particulars such as name, contact, company, visitor type etc.
  • Visit information like who is the host, the purpose of visit, the location of visit etc.

When a visitor leaves, either the receptionist or the host can sign out for the visit.

At any point in time or during emergency, the following reports can be generated:

  • Visitor list for a particular day
  • Visitor visit records
  • A particular host’s visitor list

You can try the online demo at LobbyPal online VMS demo

For any enquiry, feel free to send an email to sales@aquariussoft.com.

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